Total Rewards and Wellness

Now more than ever there are new work arrangements and our relationship with work is evolving. Does your Total Rewards and Wellness program keep up?

Setting up this program correctly can mean the difference between competing effectively or being left behind. We help you put together your business portfolio that takes into account not just pay, but benefits, wellness and employee assistance programs. HR know a Total Rewards solution is worth the time and money. Done right these items attract better talent, increase employees engagement and retention, and lower absenteeism and health insurance costs.

We blend what is essential to your businesses success and what is essential to your employee’s well being.

A Wellness Program is purpose-driven and improves productivity by helping employees thrive with a balanced and secure state of mind. It incorporates Physical, Emotional, Financial, and Mental Wellbeing.

Test your work/life balance

The new work reality

Let us help you address the forces reshaping your workplace:

  • Work from home
  • Digital transformation of the work place
  • Multi generational workforce
  • New legislative and regulatory developments
  • Need to deliver a better return on your employee investment

Structure of Total Benefits for Executives

How do we help you stand out?

Good strategy is the antidote to competition. Strategic thinking in this context is the process of developing a strategy that defines your value proposition and instilling it into your employee programs. This process includes market and competitive research as well as an assessment of the company’s capabilities and the industry forces impacting it.

Insights from experience, surveys and industry analytics enable companies to understand what rewards are valued most by different talent and age groups – including contract workers.

It light of heightened expectations around pay fairness and transparency we help your team with a communication strategy for each talent group.

Increasing ROI is not as simple as lowering costs. Simplifying the user experience and driving behaviour charge through targeted messaging are but two of the ways to increase ROI that is often overlooked.

In Canada’s rapidly changing employment landscape it is vital to build in inclusion and diversity into the talent experience, and help employees bring their best selves to work.

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