Who We Are

Reach Insurance Brokers – Where you go when you are looking for more out of your benefits plan than a bill at the end of the month. Now more than ever maintaining the status quo is no longer good enough. Let us help you empower your employees to propel your business forward. From employee benefits to total rewards and pensions – we help you look at the factors that drive success and make them fit your business goals.

What We Do

Group Insurance

We partner with CEOs, Executives and HR Managers to navigate the insurance landscape. We provide initial savings followed by developing customized plans to reduce risk exposure, eliminate non-performing provisions and decrease plan operating margins, all with an eye on connecting plans to the employees that power the organization.

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Total Rewards and Wellness

Pay, benefits, wellness, and employee support programs make up the total “rewards” that an employee receive – the right balance can be more cost effective than just a salary increase.

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Individual Insurance

How are you and your company protected in the event you or a key employee are unable to work?

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Pension and Group Retirement

For employers, taking care of your employees doesn’t just mean helping them earn a living but preparing them for life after work. Retirement plans help increase your employee retention during their working years, and help them retire wealthier afterwards.

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How We Work

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“Errant assumptions lie at the root of every failure.”

—  Alec Mackenzie


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