Pension and Group Retirement

Pension Plans, Group Retirement Savings Plans, and Deferred Profit Sharing Plans are the next step to proving employees with a well-rounded compensation package.

For employers, taking care of your employees doesn’t just mean helping them earn a living but preparing them for life after work. Retirement plans help increase your employee retention during their working years, and help them retire wealthier afterwards.

While you are not responsible for an employee’s financial well being, providing them with tools, advice, and lower management fees can help shape your employee culture in positive ways.

Plans can be designed to meet your budget and financial knowledge.

Regardless of whether you choose a plan with or without matching contributions these plans help your employees feel more secure and valued.

Lower Fees = Higher Retirement Savings
Fees Impact Guide

Types of Funds

Target Date
Asset Allocation
Fixed Income
Build your own

A selection of Canadian, US and International Equity delivered a curated list of Funds and Indices.

Why Choose Us?

Deliver More For You

  • A low cost, high value way to attract and retain employees
  • Quick to set up, easy to manage
  • One low fee associated with each fund
  • Top quality product, very competitive price for your employees
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Deliver More For Your Employees

  • Low fees so retirement savings grow faster
  • First-class services and support
  • Access to financial advice
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Range of choices for all types of investors

No-touch, low-touch, or high-touch investors all have options that fit their needs withing the plan parameters. All options require little time or effort to run on your part, are easy to understand, and have high value and impact for your employees.

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